What Can It Look Like?

What can this ministry look like? It will look different in every church community. Here are just a few possibilities: 

Within the Church

  • Organize weekly meals for a foster family or family with a child with special needs
  • Have toys/supplies that may be more optimal for children with special needs (i.e. for children with sensory issues, blind children) in the church
  • Help connect families with community resources
  • Offer support/education groups for parents (i.e. a group for parents of children with Down Syndrome)
  • Participate in Orphan Sunday (www.orphansunday.org), a world-wide movement lifting up the plight of the orphan
  • Begin a prayer/study group exploring issues such as child trafficking, homelessness, and foster care

For the Community

  • Have a foster care respite night, where foster children come to your church for planned activities and foster parents get the night off
  • Volunteer at your local food bank
  • Partner with a local public school. Ministries could include: tutoring, mentoring, helping in library, etc.
  • Offer church space to local agencies & organizations for their meetings
  • Sponsor an Angel Tree at Christmas, providing gifts for vulnerable children

Around the World

  • Assemble School Pal-Paks to be sent to African orphans (www.ncm.org)
  • Go on a Work & Witness trip to an orphanage
  • Take an offering to see that orphans have clean water, shelter & food
  • Support HIV/AIDS ministries

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