Child Advocacy is one of the two initiatives of NCLN.

This initiative of NCLN is one of two that guides NCLN to focus on the holistic needs of children. While this includes spiritual formation, safety and support, we recognize that we cannot stop there. We must be about the work of increasing awareness and mobilizing Christians to reach to the plight of orphans, children in foster care, children with special needs and children who are otherwise vulnerable.

NCLN is committed to advocating for and serving orphaned and vulnerable children.  Throughout Scripture, we see the Lord emphasize the importance of caring for “the least of these”.  Over 50 verses specifically call us to care for orphans. He is calling us, the church, to take our place and let all children and their families know that there is a place for them at the table.  Seemingly more children & families are strained or in crisis now than ever before.  We believe that Christ, through His Church, is answer.
There are over 18.5 million orphaned children in the world.  About 500,000 children are in the US foster care system,  with 104,000 available for adoption and waiting for their forever families. 
Countless more children in our churches, neighborhoods and communities around the world can be considered at-risk and vulnerable.  Such children may have physical disabilities, sensory issues or autism. Vulnerable children may have learning disabilities, chronic illnesses or other special needs.  Children and their families facing homelessness, poverty, issues of violence or substance abuse are also in need of extra support and intervention.We encourage you to prayerfully consider how you and your church might intentionally support and serve orphaned and vulnerable children in your church, in your community or around the world.  These tools and questions may be useful as you begin this journey.

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