Nazarene Children's Leadership Network (NCLN) represents Children’s Leaders from all across the Church! We are committed to serve as both a voice and resource on behalf of our youngest worshipers and those who journey with them.

In keeping with our passion and purpose we exist to:

  • Advocate for the holistic needs of children
    While this includes spiritual formation, safety and support, we recognize that we cannot stop there. We must be about the work of increasing awareness and mobilizing Christians to reach to the plight of orphans, children in foster care, children with special needs and children who are otherwise vulnerable.
  • Make a DENT (develop, equip, network, train)
    This includes partnership with denominational leaders, educational institutions and others participating in the nurture of those responding to a call to disciple children and families.


"When we look into the face of our children, we look into the face of the future. These are crucial days for Christianity in North America. The very shifts within society, those related to family values, social networks and support systems, means that the Church will need to be intentional in her strategy for transformational engagement. NCLN is providing an incarnational model, working with churches large and small, partnering and reaching out while ministering to our future.  Vital resources are being provided by NCLN to service those engaged in ministry to children. This passionate group of volunteer ministers are giving of themselves to help shape the future of Christianity. Whether your church has a children’s ministry, or is wanting to begin a new children’s ministry, your partner in this work is NCLN!"

-Dr. Carla Sunberg, NTS President


"The Board of General Superintendents affirms the holy calling of ministry to children and their families. That is why we celebrate the Nazarene Children's Leadership Network (NCLN).  They provide the church with a necessary and trustworthy framework for discipling children and are an encouraging network of support for those called to this important task. A group of dedicated, experienced, highly skilled ministers, NCLN members volunteer themselves to provide theologically coherent and age appropriate resources designed for long-term fruitfulness.  We are deeply grateful for their partnership and hope every local church can benefit from their service."

-Dr. David Busic, General Superintendent


"The Nazarene Children’s Leadership Network (NCLN) has vibrant life and generative influence because it is comprised of people who have given their lives to disciple children. The focus of NCLN is to inspire and resource children’s ministry workers (lay and clergy) across the Church of the Nazarene so that the pastoral work of shaping people in Christian faith is done with excellence. The commitment of NCLN is not only to provide effective programming resources but especially to do so with theological intention and clarity. These leaders understand that we dare not dismiss our children from the center of congregational life, but that we must nurture our children within the whole life of the community of faith. NCLN is not an entity of the Global Ministry Center but it is recognized by general church leadership as the focal point of children’s ministry resourcing in the Church of the Nazarene. I am deeply thankful for these leaders who understand and value our greatest resource."

-Dr. Jeren Rowell, KC District Superintendent 

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